Lilia participates in projects on the alignment of the companies accounting with the IFRS and unification of the financial information, facilitating managerial decision-making.

She runs financial reporting, consolidated and combined financial reporting and IFRS audits projects, assurance, and other professional services according to the International tandards of Auditing (ISA).

Lilia participates in projects of overall automation of finance management and integration of the processes ranging from the conclusion of the agreements and creating accounts through all payments to systems of bookkeeping, and financial and managerial accounting.

She has experience in various industries, such as capital markets and investment, banking and finance, IT and e-commerce, agribusiness, coal mining, metals and chemicals, electricity generation, and construction and development.


Master of economics

Pro Bono Activities

  • 2017-2018: Participated in the Expert Group on the Development of the E-Financial Reporting, Taxonomy and IFRS EU-FINSATR under the technical aid to priority financial industry sector program ;
  • 2015-2020: IFRS application and transformation trainer;
  • Since 2015: member of the Expert Council on Financial Reporting Modification for Financial Companies at the National Bank of Ukraine;