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We are answering key challenges  of corporate governance, corporate finance and corporate strategies. Together with our clients we are creating the unique solutions to achieve the best business results.

If opening new business avenues for our clients inspires you to sharpen your professional knowledge and skills, we are delighted to welcome you at Gryphon.

With us you will work in a team of highly reputable professionals with deep knowledge and extensive experience.

Gryphon Group

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We are inviting young and knowledgeable, who are after acquiring practical experience and new skills and working with real life companies from all across industries.

If you are fresh from the university or still a student, your internship in Gryphon is the best way to discover and develop your leadership potential and apply what your knowledge to launch your career.

Careers at GRYPHON

Implementing complex projects and finding out-of-the-box solutions

Working with diverse industries and acquiring diverse experience

Life-long learning and skills enhancing

Applying your professional, academic, creative and administration talents to building your successful career

Friendly, supportive and meritocratic environment

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You can start your dream career with a variety of practices and a well-developed formal and informal mentorship network at Gryphon.

Corporate finance consulting

Audit & Assurance

Legal advisory

Risk Management


Tax consulting

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