Tax and Tax Structuring

Tax Advisory Services

Tax Advisory Services

The Gryphon Group team has many years of experience and specialization as to the taxation of our clients activity in different branches of economy, including international companies and holding structures.

In this practice we carry out Due Diligence, Legal Opinion in the following areas:

  • Tax advisory services as to:
    • the choice of the most effective tax regime at the local and international scale
    • features of VAT taxation, royalties, other obligatory payments, in particular, under agreements with non-residents
    • interpretation and application of treaties on avoiding dual taxation;
    • obtaining individual tax advisory services
    • transfer pricing
  • Tax planning as to:
    • structuring of business processes at the local and cross-border level. Construction of holding structures with non-resident companies
    • restructuring of debt obligations within the holding, corporation or financial and industrial group
    • determination of the tax burden as a result of deals and transactions
  • Taxation of deals and transactions:
    • analysis of contracts for their compliance with tax, currency legislation. Support of their conclusion and execution
    • analysis of tax risks when entering into or executing agreements and transactions
    • verification of agreements and transactions with non-residents as to the meeting of the transfer pricing requirements
    • support of the process of fund raising and investments
    • support in obtaining individual tax advisory services
  • Statutory and tax accounting
    • audit of financial statements
    • development of accounting policies in accordance with IAS, GAAP (National Standards)
    • transformation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and their first application
    • preparation and submission of tax and financial statements
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Services we offer

Taxation Of Agreements And Transactions

Команда фінансових консультантів і сертифікованих аудиторів Gryphon Audit, а також юристів і адвокатів Gryphon Legal, що практикують у галузі податків, здійснює податковий консалтинг і структурування транзакцій і угод, в тому числі угод по залученню фінансування, угод купівлі-продажу активів, реструктуризації бізнесу.

Tax Support Of Import and Export Operations

The team of tax advisers and certified auditors of Gryphon Audit, and tax lawyers of Gryphon Legal successfully supports the import and export transactions of B2B and G2B enterprises.

International Taxation

Our team of tax advisers and certified auditors of Gryphon Audit, and tax lawyers of Gryphon Legal successfully implements projects on restructuring (optimisation) of business entities, including support in creation of businesses and their tax planning in various foreign jurisdictions, as well as tax and legal advice buying assets abroad.

Transfer Pricing

Our team of tax advisers and certified auditors of Gryphon Audit, and the tax lawyers of Gryphon Legal, provides advice on transfer pricing and also provides support of transactions in order to minimise risks of transfer pricing.

Private Taxation

We provide services of tax planning in order to optimise taxation and reduce tax burdens, including offering a wide range of ways of using tax incentives, which are available in Ukraine or foreign tax jurisdictions.