System integration (automation) of accountancy

System integration (automation) of accountancy

The Gryphon Audit team provides comprehensive solutions for business accounting automation, including lending, factoring, financial leasing, money transfer and currency exchange companies. System integration of accounting involves complex automation of all processes of conclusion and internal accounting of contracts, transactions and payments.

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Automation of business processes provides the ability to record unlimited number of transactions, reduce the risk of technical error, optimize the work process, obtain current information about the business situation at any time and for any period, effectively formulate management and financial statements in accordance with the requirements of International Standards of Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Under this practice, we carry out:
  • advise on the implementation of system integration (automation) of accounting;
  • advise on the automation of processes for the conclusion and accounting of business transactions;
  • develop an efficient mechanism for accounting and servicing of economic transactions taking into account specific business needs;
  • implementation of the software in order to effectively ensure the formation of financial reporting;
  • implementation of the software for the purpose of simplified management reporting;
  • implementation of system integration of accounting taking into account business needs.
Lilia Garachkovska

Head of Audit Tax Consulting

The markets in which we operate

Banking and finance

Stock market



Construction and real estate

By combining a single talented team with high ethical principles, our mission - to find the best solutions in the field of law, tax, finance, investment, and help integrate them into business processes

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Services we offer

Accounting policy

Gryphon Audit advises on development and implementation of accounting policies of various business areas. 〈 “Основи МСФЗ”, про тренінг Gryphon Academy детальніше… 〉 Accounting policy provides a single approach to accounting and financial reporting by holdings, banks and financial groups, as well as other business entities and companies. 〈 “Облікова політика компанії”.  Інтерв’ю Керівника практики аудиту, […]

Statutory audit of financial institutions

Gryphon Audit’s certified auditors and tax advisers provide a full range of audit-related services (mandatory and voluntary audits) of financial statements for financial institutions, including money transfer companies, payment institutions, factoring, insurance, leasing companies, as well as companies that raise funds for construction.

Accounting And Financial Reporting

Gryphon Audit provides services on accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as Ukrainian national standards.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Gryphon Audit supports company transitions to IFRS as well as provide accounting and financial reporting training in accordance with international standards.

Personnel Auditing And Payroll

Gryphon Audit combines experts in accounting, taxation and auditing. All our specialists have extensive practical experience in implementing and using accounting and tax reporting systems in compliance with international standards.

Financial Report Auditing

Gryphon Audit certified auditors and tax advisors provide a wide range of services connected to auditing, consult on accounting, tax reporting, taxation and analyses of business activity, as well as reconstruct accounts and do bookkeeping.

Internal Auditing

Gryphon Audit experts carry out independent inspections and assessments of companies. The purpose of internal auditing is to help improve management efficiency, and to provide data analysis and evaluation as well as recommendations.