Corporate finance

Debts Restructuring

Debts Restructuring

In times of political or economic instability both lenders and borrowers need to find mutually beneficial ways of resolving debt problems to save working relationships.

We provide legal assistance with judicial and extra-judicial settlement of debts on bank loans and other debt obligations.

Gryphon represents banks, non-bank financial institutions, and their borrowers (both businesses and individuals) on the settlement of problematic accounts payable and receivable.

The financial team at Gryphon, provides services for: restructuring of bank loans, distressed assets, factoring, lending, and the purchases and sales of loan and debt portfolios.

Under this practice, we carry out:
  • debt restructuring;
  • debt refinancing;
  • partial debt relief and/or relief of penalties on debts in arrears;
  • cession of corporate rights (shares of authorized capital) of debtors, or giving controlling rights of the company to the creditors;
  • offset of mutual claims;
  • replacement of short-term financial instruments with medium and long-term investment plans and revolving credit lines;
  • replacing bank collateral loans required for working capital, by funding deals and contracts for goods with deferred payments from factoring companies;
  • repayment of debts due to the voluntary sale of collateral;
  • renewal (novation) of credit and deposit agreements;
  • replacement of creditors (consolidation of multiple debts to a single creditor or group of creditors).
For debt restructuring, please contact Igor Lynnyk – Senior Partner, Head of “Gryphon Legal” Law Firm: +380 (44) 227 92 12
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Head of “Gryphon Legal” Law Firm

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Services we offer

Strategic Consulting

The dynamics of business activities have a direct affect its success. Management must pay close attention to building efficient systems and controls, and monitoring company development and changes. Identifying weaknesses, forming company tactics and strategies to stimulate growth, and streamline operations protects the business as a whole.

Funding And Capitalisation

Successful business management involves not only the adoption of effective management decisions, but also their effective implementation. To this end, it is essential to carry out regular and qualitative analyses of the business, its financial condition, current and planned transactions, the business environment, and business processes.

Investment Analysis

Our team helps determine the most effective solutions for businesses, helps identify unscrupulous intentions of contractors and business partners, as well as helps settle disputes and conflicts.

Support Of Deals And Transactions

We support the development of implementation strategies for individual deals and transactions, and analyse them for economic benefit and different risks.

Corporate planning and business structuring

To build a profitable and transparent business and maintain effective management control over it, it is important to implement measures which optimise corporate governance of the company.

Business Restructuring

Every business owner eventually faces the necessity of restructuring, whether for business expansion, entering new markets, minimising financial risks, the prompt solving of problem situations, or business recovery.

Financial Management

The key areas of financial management are control over: movement of the company’s financial resources, implementation of employee tasks, as well as the prevention of violations of financial and tax law.

Management Accounting

For successful business management, as well as, effective control of business processes in the company, it is important for owners and managers to have effective management accounting systems which help automate business processes, and quickly detect failures in time to prevent them.