Dispute settlement

Property Rights, Real Estate And Construction Disputes

Property Rights, Real Estate And Construction Disputes

We provide legal assistance in disputes relating to the ownership and right of use of real estate.

Under this practice, we carry out:

  • violation, or disputes, of property rights;
  • recognition of property rights, including for  unauthorised constructions;
  • privatisation of state and municipal property;
  • the purchase and sale of real estate and other real estate transactions;
  • execution, amendment, termination or invalidation of contracts on the purchase and sale of real estate and other civil contracts on real estate;
  • lease relationships;
  • violation of the procedure of tenders for the purchase of real estate;
  • violation of the procedure and timing of occupying constructions;
  • reclaiming real estate from illegal possession;
  • seizure of real estate and encumbering it against transfers.
Igor Lynnyk

Senior partner Head of “Gryphon Legal” Law firm

Dmytro Melash

Compliance officer

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Services we offer

Tax Inspections and Disputes

Protection of taxpayers rights and other legitimate interests is a key area of focus for Gryphon Legal. The successful settlement of disputes with tax authorities is an important element of business protection and of ensuring business efficiency.

Customs Disputes

Gryphon Legal performs legal defence of the rights and legitimate interests of businesses in disputes with the customs authorities when moving goods across the customs border of Ukraine.

Disputes Over Lending And Bank Deposits

The Gryphon Legal specialists provide legal support for judicial and non-judicial resolution of disputes arising over loans and bank deposits.

Corporate Disputes

Gryphon Legal’s team protects the rights and interests of their clients in disputes regarding violations of the principles of corporate governance

Disputes in restructuring

Gryphon Legal’s experts have successful experience providing legal support for dispute resolution in the areas of loan restructuring and problem debts.

Insurance Disputes

Gryphon has successfully supported the activities of more than 200 financial institutions, including insurance companies, which allows us to promptly and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurers and the insured in legal disputes.

Protection Of Intellectual Property

Gryphon’s lawyers provide legal support for the protection of intellectual property rights

Support Of Inspections And Their Appeal

Gryphon Legal lawyers specialise in financial, corporate, tax, and criminal law, and provide legal support in the event of inspections by regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Criminal Proceedings. White Collar Crimes

The team of experienced lawyers of Gryphon Legal represents clients and protects their rights in cases of threat of criminal prosecution, as well as during criminal proceedings for allegations of economic crimes or malfeasance (so-called “white collar crime”).