Statutory audit of financial institutions

Statutory audit of financial institutions

Gryphon Audit’s certified auditors and tax advisers provide a full range of audit-related services (mandatory and voluntary audits) of financial statements for financial institutions, including money transfer companies, payment institutions, factoring, insurance, leasing companies, as well as companies that raise funds for construction.

Under this practice, we carry out:

  • Comprehensive analysis and review of financial and tax reporting;
  • Confirmation of annual financial statements;
  • Checking the compliance of the financial indicators of a financial institution with the regulatory requirements in terms of:
    • equity capital,
    • solvency,
    • liquidity and asset quality,
    • reserve capital,
    • mandatory reserves, provisions and other obligations.
  • Inspection and confirmation of financial stability, solvency and security of funds of owners of significant stake in a financial institution;
  • Verification of the effectiveness (compliance) of an internal audit service.
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Transformation of financial statements

Аудиторская компания Gryphon Audit сопровождает процесс перехода компаний и первого применения МСФО, а также учит ведения учета и составления финансовой отчетности по международным стандартам. 〈 “Первое применение МСФО: шаги перехода”, о тренинге Gryphon Academy детальнее… 〉 На сегодняшний день составлять финансовую отчетность по международным стандартам обязаны: публичные акционерные общества, банки, страховщики, финансовые учреждения и другие предприятия. […]

Accounting policy

The accounting policy that takes into account all the peculiarities of business conduction, economic activity and individual transactions is a key factor in ensuring the unified approach to statutory accounting and financial statements, as well as additional protection before the tax authorities. The introduction of the effective accounting policy that takes into account the latest […]

System integration (Automation)

Automation of business processes has become an integral part of everyday activities of each company. Accounting for an unlimited number of transactions within the shortest possible period of time, reducing the risk of a technical error, effectively creating managerial and financial statements as well as the possibility of obtaining current information about the state of […]


Gryphon Audit provides services on accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as Ukrainian national standards.

Financial Statements. IFRS

Gryphon Audit supports company transitions to IFRS as well as provide accounting and financial reporting training in accordance with international standards.

HR Audit

Gryphon Audit combines experts in accounting, taxation and auditing. All our specialists have extensive practical experience in implementing and using accounting and tax reporting systems in compliance with international standards.

Financial Statements Audit

Gryphon Audit certified auditors and tax advisors provide a wide range of services connected to auditing, consult on accounting, tax reporting, taxation and analyses of business activity, as well as reconstruct accounts and do bookkeeping.

Managerial Accounting

Gryphon Audit experts carry out independent inspections and assessments of companies. The purpose of internal auditing is to help improve management efficiency, and to provide data analysis and evaluation as well as recommendations.