Corporate finance

Financing and Investment Agreements

Financing and Investment Agreements

Continuous dynamics and business development require constant attraction of short-term and long-term financial resources.

We provide legal and tax support of the fund raising processes for both specific projects and for business as a whole.

Our team takes into account the specifics and individual needs of each individual business, business project or business partner in order to find the most profitable form of financing.

In this practice we offer:

  • Fund raising and capitalization support
    • drawing-up of business plans and strategies for fund raising
    • framing and due diligence of agreements for fund raising. Support of the process of their conclusion and execution
    • tax planning of local and international deals and transactions
    • carrying out Due Diligence to comply with corporate, banking, financial, tax and other legislation in the process of fund raising or capitalization support
    • support of projects of capitalization support of banks, non-bank financial institutions and professional participants of the stock market
  • Investment activity
    • drawing-up of business plans and investment strategies
    • development of investment policies and programs
    • development and due diligence of investment agreements and agreements on joint activities. Support of the process of their conclusion and execution
    • tax planning of investment deals and transactions. Analysis and assessment of their economic expediency
    • carrying out Due Diligence to comply with corporate, banking, financial, tax and other legislation in the investment process
    • support of investment projects at the local and international scale
  • Carrying out procedures
    • regulatory Compliance with the need of obtaining permits / approvals / licenses (NBU, National Financial Services Commission, National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine, AMC of Ukraine)
    • financial Compliance with сapital adequacy, other financial standards and indicators of companies during the fund raising or Investing
    • Forensic investigations concerning the counterparties and business partners, their assets and business reputation assessment
  • Court and out-of-court settlement
    • court and out-of-court protection of the rights, legally protected interests of creditors and investors
    • support in negotiations with counterparties, state and regulatory authorities
    • support of the process of consideration of economic, corporate and tax disputes in courts of different instances and jurisdictions
    • support of the consideration of disputes process by national or international commercial arbitration
Helen Lynnyk

Managing Partner Corporate Finance & Strategy Consulting

Igor Lynnyk

Senior Partner Head of “Gryphon Legal” Law Firm

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Due Diligence

Учреждение и развитие бизнеса предполагает совершение различного рода сделок купли-продажи активов, корпоративных прав (акций), реструктуризации активов и долговых обязательств, реорганизации бизнеса, в том числе сделок слияния и поглощения (M&A) и др. Для своевременного выявления всех возможностей и рисков, связанных с осуществлением указанных соглашений и трансакций, важно вовремя провести комплексный правовой, финансовый, налоговый анализ (Due Diligence) […]


One of the key elements of a successful business operation is the availability of the effective system of timely identification of potential financial, tax, operational, criminal and other business risks. Financial, tax, legal audits and other types of compliance checks, the so-called Compliance Procedures, help to achieve this. In this practice we carry out Due […]


Успешное ведение бизнеса зависит не только от профессиональной деятельности топ-менеджеров и персонала компании, но и принятия эффективных решений его владельцами. При этом, принятие быстрых, а главное, правильных решений зависит от анализа внутренней и внешней среды компании. В такой ситуации проведение Forensic – экспертиз (расследований) позволяет не только выявить потери прибыли из-за неэффективного ведения бизнес-процессов или […]

Strategic Consulting

The dynamics of business activities have a direct affect its success. Management must pay close attention to building efficient systems and controls, and monitoring company development and changes. Identifying weaknesses, forming company tactics and strategies to stimulate growth, and streamline operations protects the business as a whole.

Deals and Transactions. Commercial Activity Support

We provide legal support for dissolution (liquidation) of enterprises, including financial institutions, financial and industrial groups, agricultural holdings, agricultural companies, large retail chains, business associations, corporations, concerns, etc., always taking into account the legal and tax risks, creditors’ claims, and the rights and interests of their participants (members, shareholders) and successors.

Business Founding. Regulatory Compliance

Successful business management involves not only the adoption of effective management decisions, but also their effective implementation. To this end, it is essential to carry out regular and qualitative analyses of the business, its financial condition, current and planned transactions, the business environment, and business processes.

Support Of Deals And Transactions

We support the development of implementation strategies for individual deals and transactions, and analyse them for economic benefit and different risks.

Corporate planning and business structuring

To build a profitable and transparent business and maintain effective management control over it, it is important to implement measures which optimise corporate governance of the company.

Business Restructuring

Every business owner eventually faces the necessity of restructuring, whether for business expansion, entering new markets, minimising financial risks, the prompt solving of problem situations, or business recovery.