Risk Management

Forensic. Financial and economic investigations

Forensic. Financial and economic investigations

The Gryphon Legal Law Firm team offers services for creation, licensing and legal support of financial institutions, including factoring, insurance and leasing companies, asset management companies, and companies which raise construction funds.

Under this practice, we carry out:
  • advice on forming transparent ownership structure of companies while taking into account the legal requirements of information disclosure. This includes all controllers, people associated with the company, and its ultimate beneficiaries;
  • advice on legal regulation of Ukrainian financial institution activities;
  • legal support of business creation in the financial market;
  • comprehensive tax and legal support of transactions of purchase and sale of corporate rights (M&A transactions), services to obtain approvals from the State Commission for the Regulation of Financial Services Markets, the National Securities And Stock Market Commission and the National Bank of Ukraine for the acquisition of substantial shares of financial companies, and preliminary findings and approvals from the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine for concerted actions and concentrations;
  • support for the process of obtaining all necessary permits and licenses for carrying out your business activities;
  • full or partial support of human resource activities;
  • building financial monitoring systems for companies;
  • auditing;
  • advice on accounting, reporting and taxation, analysis of financial and economic activities, accounting services and forensic accounting services.
Igor Lynnyk

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Banking and finance

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By combining a single talented team with high ethical principles, our mission - to find the best solutions in the field of law, tax, finance, investment, and help integrate them into business processes

  • 15 years of professional experience specialising in banking and the finance market
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Services we offer

Due Diligence

Currently, Ukrainian market is an up and coming destination. Making the most of its abundant opportunities requires in-depth understanding of what is really going in the targeted businesses, what hidden areas of vulnerability they have, and what their strengths and potential opportunities are. We believe that comprehensive analysis of a potential counterpart’s assets, liabilities and […]

Compliance. Risk Management

Whether you are considering a joint venture with a Ukrainian company, entering Ukrainian market or partnering with a local company identification of potential risks becomes as important as assessment of opportunities. Gryphon Compliance & Risk Management team are experienced in identifying, prioritizing and mitigating any kind of existing or potential risks. We can help you […]