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Corporate and Commercial

Corporate and Commercial

Nowadays marketplace became global. With companies growing their international operations and supply chains across the borderds regulatory risks, cultural differences and international competition requires special management. Our lawyers provide legal advice on all aspects on corporate and commercial law. We counsel businesses on their ongoing contractual relationaships woth domestic and international customers, suppliers and distributors.


  • legal and tax support for companies entering the Ukrainian market;
  • legal advice on business planning and restructuring, joint ventures, opening branches and representative offices, etc.;
  • legal support for obtaining necessary business permits and licenses;
  • legal support while concluding commercial agreements, including advice on contract enforcement;
  • advice on existing contractual relationships, including license agreements, contracts on joint activities, contracts for services, supply, production, etc.;
  • legal and tax support for import-export activities;
  • construct optimal ownership structures;
  • advise on applying domestic and foreign laws regarding the involvement of non-residents in ownership structures and use of foreign jurisdictions in the processes of creating and running businesses;
  • provide legal support for the processes of building corporate governance, in accordance with corporate statutes, decision-making procedures, and procedures of control over the distribution of rights and responsibilities of the governing bodies and shareholders;
  • comprehensive tax and legal support of transactions of corporate rights (M&A transactions).
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Corporate agreements. Qualifying shareholding in banks and financial institutions

Strengthening of the normative and regulatory requirements for the ownership structure and establishing the obligation of disclosure of real owners (beneficiaries) throw down new challenges, requiring the right decisions and rapid adaptation to new business conduction approaches, for banks, professional stock market participants and other financial companies. The Gryphon Group team has many years of […]

Financial Institutions

The Gryphon Legal team offers its services to support the founding and licensing of financial institutions that deal with lending, money transfer, currency exchange, and legal support in obtaining permits necessary for the operation of corporate investment funds, payment systems and electronic money systems. We: advise on the construction of a transparent ownership structure of […]


Ukraine is known as one of the technological hubs. We are proud to serve our clients from telecommunications, media, entertainment and IT sector. Whatever is your niche in the sector, we have experience and cross-border experience to support our clients’ needs. We: We assist in intellectual property protection for international IT companies operating in foreign […]

Banking & Finance

As Ukraine continues its structural reforms its financial sector and capital markets are restoring. Our team is here to advise you on any transactions—from cross-border acquisitions and mergers to joint ventures and spinoffs, and distressed acquisitions. We serve as counsels to the Ukrainian and international financial holdings, groups, corporations, banks, and other financial institutions. We: […]

Support Of Agreements

Gryphon Legal provides professional legal assistance in the negotiation and implementation of various types of transactions and agreements, as well as, determining all possible risks and legal consequences associated with their conclusion.

Competition Relationships. Anti-Monopoly Regulation

We complete the tasks associated with the creation and operation of large enterprises, their associations, industrial and financial groups, agro-holdings, large retail chains, and others, whose business transactions, under certain circumstances, may be considered as limiting competition on the market and require coordination with the AMC of Ukraine.

Labor Relationship. Employment

Gryphon Legal carries out pre-trial and judicial protection of violated intellectual property rights, including compensations for property or non-pecuniary damage caused by the violation of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property. Information Technology (IP/IT)

Gryphon Legal has many years of experience of successful legal support of company human resources policies, as well as resolution of disputes arising between employees and employers, thereby increasing business efficiency.

Real Estate and Construction Legal Assistance

Our experts in real estate provide comprehensive legal and tax support of real estate transactions, as well as protecting the rights and interests of owners and legitimate users of real estate, both foreign and domestic.